World Food Safety Day 2021: History, Theme and Significance

World Food Safety Day 2021: History, Theme and Significance

World food safety day is observed each year on 7 June. Main aim of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about foodborne disease, their cure, prevention, management techniques and making sure that people have sufficient nutritious food all the times.

History & Theme

In 2018, World Food Safety Day is introduced by the United Nations General Assembly. Further in 2020 the World Health Assembly passed a resolution to make stronger efforts globally for food safety and to control the foodborne ailments.

Theme: This year’s theme is “Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow”. This theme is decided to encourage having right kind of food which is beneficial for both humans and the environment

Significance of World Food Safety Day 2021:

We need to improve our healthcare as quickly as possible because of the current Covid-19 situations. It becomes essential for all to improve their immunity, eliminate foodborne disease, incorporate healthy habits, improve hygienic practices in agricultural activities and all places which involves dealings of food or food items.

There are around 200 different types of foodborne diseases which is identified. These diseases are caused by harmful chemicals, parasites, viruses and bacteria.

According to United Nations around 600 million people fall sick and 420,000 people die every year because of foodborne diseases. Children below 5 years of age carry 40% of foodborne disease with 125,000 deaths annually. Poverty-stricken areas are more prone to foodborne illnesses due to consumption of unhygienic food.

Top 5 reasons why food safety is important

  1. Food security: Healthy food for all
  2. Good health
  3. Livelihoods of people globally
  4. Trade
  5. Economic development

World Food Safety Day: Food Safety Tips

  1. Raw and cooked food must be kept separately
  2. Raw food and vegetables must be washed thoroughly
  3. Food must be cooked thoroughly
  4. Clean water must be used for cooking
  5. Food should be kept at safe temperatures
  6. Do not store cooked food for too long in your refrigerator

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