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Best Ways to Remember Your Physiotherapy Exercise Routine !!

You keep on forgetting your Physiotherapy exercise routine??  Success of Physiotherapy sessions depends on your dedication and consistency. You need to follow the instructions given by your Physiotherapist. This means doing your exercise regularly without any cheating, making changes in your surroundings, habits and attending appointments. The below tips are about how our successful patients include exercise into their daily routine lives. Our patient says :


Set up an Exercise Area In Your House

“Always exercise at the same time and in the same place. After a few days that place will work as a reminder for you to get your exercise done. Choose the area from where you pass regularly so that you don’t forget to exercise even if you want to.”


Include Your Family

“Great thing about doing exercise at home is that I involved my wife. She motivates me and monitors my exercise routine which helped me to be on track.”


Use Technology for Physiotherapy Exercise Routine

“I set reminders on my phone because I keep on forgetting my exercises. Choose any app you  are comfortable with and then set a daily reminder to stay organized and consistent.”


Compete with Yourself

“It is very difficult to remember my exercise and number of reps until my Physical Therapist made it competitive. He told me to shoot for my personal best and then I started counting my reps, it motivates me to get the exercise done.”


Maintain a Journal

“I stopped forgetting my exercise routine when I started maintaining a journal in which I wrote about the exercise I had done. There is something about maintaining a record and you don’t want to ruin a permanent record.”


These are the 5 tried and tested strategies given by our successful clients, try these to remember your Physiotherapy Exercise Routine. If you are looking for the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore then why don’t you try Healing Hands Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic? Healing Hands also provide Virtual Physiotherapy sessions if you want therapy from your home. Our Physiotherapists will help you to set the goal and guide you to achieve it.

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