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Physiotherapy Can Prevent Surgery

Physiotherapy can prevent surgery, yes it is true. Surgery is not always the answer to treat a physical condition, the best approach towards treating a physical pain is to first try Physiotherapy. Surgery can be avoided because physiotherapy can eliminate your pain and helps you in the healing process from an injury. Sometimes even if surgery is required then pre & post operative physiotherapy can help you in being ready for the surgery and help you in the recovery process after surgery.

Physiotherapy can prevent surgery: Research & Study

Physiotherapy has long been used as a treatment method before surgery is considered. Now, as per many medical studies physiotherapy can sometimes be as effective as surgery:

  • Based on many studies physiotherapy can be as effective as surgery for the treatment of some lower back pains, such as spinal stenosis.
  • According to study published in The New England Journal of Medicine physiotherapy is as effective as surgery for treatment of Torn meniscus and knee osteoarthritis.
  • Based on few studies the researchers found that patients with degenerative disk disease shows good progress to physiotherapy.
  • Physiotherapy can successfully treat patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome

As more researches and studies are conducted, many doctors and medical professionals believe physiotherapy may provide treatment for many physical conditions which allows the patient to avoid surgery.

Physiotherapy helps your body heal itself

Our bodies are designed in such a way that it can heal themselves when given proper treatment, nutrition and rest. One should not consider surgery first if it can be treated with other methods like physiotherapy, unless it’s an emergency.

Doctors are recognizing that physiotherapy rehabilitation programs are helping their patients. Physiotherapy works well because treatment plans can be custom-designed as per the patient’s condition, needs, and individual goals.

As more doctors and researchers discover the effectiveness of physiotherapy on patients’ conditions, instead of undergoing straight to surgery many doctors are recommending physiotherapy first as it is more gentle and natural way of healing the body. So yes, physiotherapy can prevent surgery.

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