8 Best tips to avoid back and neck pain while working from home

8 Best tips to avoid back and neck pain while working from home

Many of us are working from home which is quite different from the office space. It means we are putting our body in different positions than what it used to be. And our main focus is on getting the work done and during this process forget to maintain a good body posture.

Generally office workers spend 80% of their working hours sitting and while working from home will probably going to increase this. It means we are going to spend more time in a sitting position, but also going to spend more time in a hunched position while working on a laptop. Which results in discomfort in neck, shoulders and back.

So, how can we prevent this?

Movement is Medicine – While working from Home

Dr. Vinayak Jyoti (Healing Hands Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic) is sharing 8 Best tips that can do to avoid any discomfort and pains while working from home. Follow this routine and do let us know about your experience!

  1. Change your body position every 30 minutes – set an alarm or reminder on your mobile or online calendar.
  2. Stand up and stretch whenever you feel any discomfort.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated – But do not put a glass of water on your desk instead walk to get water.
  4. Use a standing desk and if you don’t have one than be creative and use other things in your home which can be used as a standing desk.
  5. Stand during online meetings and telephone calls. You can also walk inside your home while on a voice call. Walking gives you a break from sitting too long at the same position.
  6. If you have more than 1 washroom at your home, use the one furthest away from where you are working.
  7. Use your lunch break and to move! Walk inside your house, move up and down in stairs, aerobics in your garden, lunges in your hall.
  8. Make your new office space more comfortable: use a laptop stand or use anything which works as stand (ex. books) and get a wireless keyboard and mouse. This will help in avoiding that common hunch back position.


Even after doing all this and still having discomfort or pain, don’t just wait and hope it will go away. Contact us or mail us at HealingHandsBLR@gmail.com to book a video or phone consultation.

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  1. Really best and effective tips Dr. Vinayak… So many people will be benefited..
    Thank you so much 😊😊

    1. Thank You for the appreciation Ma’am.

  2. Really helpful vinayak. Actually I am facing the same issue from past 10 days. I will follow your tips and update you on it.

    1. Yes, please add these to your daily routine and keep us posted about your situation.

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