Harmful effects of cold drinks on human body

Harmful effects of cold drinks on human body

According to many studies consuming cold drink on a regular basis can damage your body without you even noticing it. Healing Hands Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic made a list of harmful effects of cold drinks for human body.

1. Kidney Problems:

Consuming cold drinks on a daily basis can give you the Kidney Stone. Even diet coke or diet Pepsi is not safe. Coke zero may not contain sugar but it contains artificial sweeteners which is very unhealthy for your kidneys. Especially if you are drinking it daily.


2. Obesity:

By consuming cold drinks regularly you will definitely going to put on some weight. Being overweight increases the pressure on your immune system, cardiovascular system and also on all joints & bones, which are already weakened by calcium deficiency.


3. Risk of Cancer:

Healing Hands is not saying that drinking coke and other cold drinks will give you cancer. But, did you know that benzene molecules are present in cold drink bottles which can cause cancer. No good doctor will tell you to drink these soft drinks but if you really want it so badly then doctors suggest to stick to one can of cold drink  a week to reduce the risk of cancer.

According to us its better late than sorry, so try to stop drinking these artificial sugar syrup. Yes, you heard it right these are just sugar syrup.


4. Heart Problems:

We all know that if you are having high cholesterol level then there are chances of getting a heart attack. If you have only one can of Pepsi/Coke or any other cold drink a day, you can already start suffering from high blood pressure. Women are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes if they consume these amounts of Cold drink. Is it really worth it?


5. Skin Problems:

Did you know that consuming Cold drink daily has the same impact on your skin as smoking. Because of high sugar level cold drink has an inflammatory effect on the human body. It dehydrates the skin and generate fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. It increases skin aging which makes the skin looks dull and saggy. It also causes eczema, dry skin, itchy skin and inflamed skin. Acne can also be caused by these factors.


6. Dental Problems:

Cold drinks have high acidity and also high sugary ingredients which can cause cavity and easily erode your teeth. And if you are having low calcium level due to lack of vitamins then you may end up with rotten teeth from both inside and outside.


7 Vitamin Deficiency :

Cold drinks contain phosphoric acid along with caffeine, which has a diuretic effect. In simple words after 1 hour of consuming a can of cold drink, it starts washing out nutrients and vitamins from your body. If you consume cold drink regularly, you may end up having vitamin deficiency.

Now you know about all the harmful effects of cold drinks on human body. Do you still want to drink it??

Prevention is better than cure. So, prevent it.


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