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Wallet in back pocket causes health issues

Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket?? Well, you should never keep your wallet in back pocket. Keeping your wallet in your back pocket and sitting on it for hours forces the pelvis and spine to go out of alignment, which pinches your sciatic nerve and contributes to lower back pain.

Now we’ve looked at the quick answer as to why you should not stuff your wallet in the back pocket of your trousers or jeans, for better understanding, let’s take a look at some of these problems a little more in-depth.

Let’s start by looking at why putting your wallet in your back pocket can cause health issues you may not have thought about.

When you put a wallet in your back pocket for hours or if you are sitting on it absentmindedly at the office, in the coffee shop or anywhere else you might be for that matter. it affect your health in many possible ways.

Dr Ashwini T M, Chief physiotherapist of Healing Hands Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic (Jayanagar Branch) has some advice for you.

Keeping your wallet in back pocket causes:

☑️Sitting with your wallet on your back will cause your pelvis to rise towards the protruding side of your pants. And to create a harmonious balance, your lower back will bend with it.

☑️ In efforts to counterbalance this issue, your mid back will curve towards the left to offer your eyes the perfect horizontal view of the world.

☑️ This will cause your right quadratus lumborum and other muscles on the right side to shorten and become actively inadequate.

☑️ This greatly decreases the efficiency of your muscles and increases the stress on your right sacroiliac joint.

☑️ Meanwhile, the left side of your pelvis and the muscles that form the part lengthen and become passively inefficient.

☑️ The muscles on the left side of your mid back shorten, causing excruciating pain.

☑️ Adding to this, right-sided spinal stabilisers will get over-stretched and decrease your postural endurance.

If you are already having Low back pain because of this and you are trying to treat your pain. At Healing Hands Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic, we will assess your condition with most updated technologies available and discuss all the treatment options with you.

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