Lower Back Pain Exercise - Prone Press Up

3 Best Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Nowadays many people who came in for physiotherapy suffer from lower back pain. It can be because of a car accident, sports injury as well as with simple bad posture while working at office. Some people will have increased discomfort in lower back because of bad sleeping position. Few back pains are hard to prevent like improper technique of playing a sport or physical activity. People can also have back pain because of improper bending or lifting heavy objects.

1. Maintain Good Body Posture

Let us see some bad body posture while working in desk job and how that can lead to a lower back pain. The picture below shows the comparison between bad posture and correct posture while working in a typical desk job. It is becoming very common because of modern work environment, especially when practicing a bad posture. So even while working in traditional desk space you need to maintain a good body posture to avoid this.

2. Do Exercise For Lower Back Pain

There are some simple exercise which you can do to improve your body posture and reduce low back pain. The Exercise A shown below is known as standing backbend. You need to take few breaks at work and perform this exercise (5-10 times). The Exercise B shown below is known as prone on elbows. Start and end your day with this exercise(3-5 Minutes). Exercise is known as Lazy Push-ups. Do 2 sets of 10-12 reps at the start and end of the day.

Lower Back Pain Exercise: Standing Backbend
Exercise A: Standing Backbend
Lower Back Pain Exercise - Prone Press Up
Exercise B – Prone Press Up
Lower Back Pain Exercise: Lazy Push-ups
Exercise C : Lazy Push-ups

3.Improve Sleeping Positions

Wrong or bad sleeping position is another main cause of lower back pain. Many of our client told us that they slept in some position and woke up with low back pain. The worst thing for someone with low back pain is to sleep in bad posture. For example sleeping on belly with one leg hiked up can increase your lower back pain. This sleeping position place the lumbar disc in a bad position for a very long period and can cause disc damage in future. Below are the example of good and bad sleeping posture.


We hope that this blog helps you to understand about how to prevent lower back pain. At Healing Hands Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic, we can cure these common lower back pain problems with the help of our highly trained physiotherapists.

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