World Spine Day 2021: Theme, History, Significance and Physiotherapy

World Spine Day 2021: Theme, History, Significance and Physiotherapy

Every year World Spine Day is celebrated on October 16th. Aim of celebrating this day is to create awareness about spinal pain and disability. The focus is to motivate people so that they can adopt healthy routines to make their spine active, flexible and strong.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, following social restrictions and lockdowns have forced people to work from home. Most of the people don’t have proper facilities at home so they can’t work comfortably for longer duration. These improper facilities and bad posture can affect your spinal health and strength.

World Spine Day 2021: Theme

The theme of World Spine Day 2021 is ‘BACK 2 BACK‘. The theme reflects the need to reset and refocus on spinal pain and disability as part of the global burden of disease. BACK 2 BACK will focus on highlighting ways in which people can make their spines flexible and strong by  doing physical activities, staying mobile, maintaining good body postures, not overloading their spines and adopting healthy habits such as weight loss.

World Spine Day: History and Significance

From 2012 The World Federation of Chiropractic has been conducting World Spine Day by collaborating with other organizations from the world. World Spine Day acknowledges the scarcity of quality spine care & rehabilitation in  and around under-served communities, which ends up in chronic pain and permanent deformity. This day is celebrated by health professionals, physiotherapist and rehabilitation experts, public health advocates and patients all over the world.

How Physiotherapy Can Help in Managing Spinal Health

Physiotherapists are proved to be effective in managing many spinal related health conditions. Physiotherapists provides rehabilitation program for patients with spinal cord injuries or systemic spinal conditions and also treat lower back pain and neck pain. Physiotherapy also provide treatment of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. Rehabilitation program are designed to treat patients with nerve irritations coming from the spine, muscle injuries and all joint pain (including the spine).

Physiotherapists carefully assess your condition and design the effective treatment plan which suits the particular need of a patient. Treatment may consists of few therapeutic exercises along with some useful suggestion about how to slowly regain your normal mobility of the spine and prevent pain. The treatment method used may change from person to person. Few of the methods used during the treatment are Dry Needling Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Therapeutic Ultrasound, IFT/TENS, Taping, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Exercises and many more.

We just wanted to create awareness about Spinal pain and disability on the occasion of World Spine Day. Hope you maintain a healthy spine and stay fit. If your spinal cord is causing you discomfort and you live in Bangalore then visit Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore.

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